What to look for when buying a Whirlwind pinball machine

Here are some common areas of concern when trying to purchase a Whirlwind pinball machine:

Playfield Wear / Discoloration

Most whirlwinds were not diamondplated, which means you will likely cross paths with a few whirlwinds that are in less than stellar shape. The games got played a lot, and the playfields wore out.  The cellar downholes wear.  Luckily, Cliffy makes awesome hole protectors for your whirlwind.  At $40, they're a great investment, or get them with his Ramp Protectors for $55 total.

Cabinet Wear / Fade

This is pretty straightforward, the cabinets fade, wear and check depending on weather conditions. Some have holes drilled in the front for hasps to protect the cash box. The blues are not always the easiest thing to touch up.

Broken or Missing Topper

The topper on whirlwind is very commonly broken or missing. Although it is a neat effect, a lot of operators removed this feature because it got broken easily, or the game was too tall with the topper. To find one, you'll have to find someone who has parted out a game. Luckily, if your topper is broken, it can be repaired with a little time and skill. Marco Specialties has reproduction decals for the topper.  Look for P/N 31-1536-WCD, $22.00.

Broken Plastics

Some plastics in this game typically break. The plastic over the drop target bank seems to be broken often, as are the slingshot plastics.  Ray @ Action Pinball typically has reproduction Alan Meyer drop target bank and slingshot plastics for Whirlwind, along with reproduction drop target and spinning disc decals. Otherwise, NOS or original used plastics are tough to find!

Ramps Are Broken

Good luck finding NOS or used replacements! Hopefully, a Cliffy Protector will make what you have work!

Electronics are Missing or Non-Working

Good boards are getting hard to find! Clive can repair most boards, and Marco Specialties offers Pin LED's if your original displays are damaged or lost.


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