1990 Williams Whirlwind
"Feel The Power of The Wind"
Production: 7,300
Game Serial Number: 574 333398 Photo Gallery

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About Whirlwind:

Whirlwind is one of Pat Lawlor's earlier games. Some may say Whirlwind was the first pinball machine to have different modes. 3 flippers, 6 popbumpers, 4 drop targets, a couple ramps, and 3 crazy spinners work together to make one crazy pinball machine.

Whirlwind even features a fan on top of the backbox that blows toward you as you play. What a neat feature, especially in the warmer months of the year.

About Our Whirlwind:

This particular Whirlwind is Diamond Plated. This is a rare feature on a Whirlwind, as most Whirlwinds did not feature a diamond plated playfield. Diamondplate is a playfield coating similar to automotive clearcoat that reduces playfield wear and provides a nice shiny surface. Less than 100 of 7300 whirlwinds were Diamondplated. Pat Lawlor was the largest supporter of Diamodn Plate, getting it tested on such games as Whirlwind, Rollergames, Riverboat Gambler, Radical, Funhouse and Banzai Run. Once the testing was completed, Williams started diamond plating all games from Terminator 2 on.

This game is a diamond in the rough that should polish up quite nicely. It was purchased from TNT Amusements about 10 years ago and used in a private home. I purchased the game through eBay on January 1, 2005.


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