What's Next?

What's Next?

You ask any pinball collector which machine is next, and they're likely to rattle off a few comments on what piece their collection needs to be "complete". Few, if any, pinball collectors have a complete collection of what they want. Personally, I have a few ideas of machines I'd like to own next, if and when the price and time are right. 

If you come across my list, and have any titles on it for sale, please contact me. I don't typically pay inflated values, but will pay market value and not hassle you if I can swing it!

bullet Black Knight 2000
bullet World Cup Soccer 94
bullet Twilight Zone
bullet Guns N Roses
bulletDemo Man
bulletAttack From Mars
bulletNo Good Gofers
bulletTheatre Of Magic
bulletMousin Around
bulletNBA Fastbreak
bulletCirqus Voltaire
bulletMonster Bash


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