1991 Williams Terminator 2 For Sale

Completely restored in Summer 2004.

$1750.00 or trade

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This is a Domestic US Game, not a re-import. The game was stripped to a pile of parts on both sides of the playfield, everything was meticulously cleaned then rebuilt from the ground up. The playfield was polished to a brilliant shine. New coil sleeves were installed everywhere, all bulbs were replaced with new. The flippers were totally rebuilt with new W logo bats, NOS WMS FL11630 coils, new coil stops, new playfield bushings, and were converted to the new style WPC return spring, which increases the life of the flipper link. The playfield was reassembled with brand new clear star posts, white rings and red flipper rubbers. The inside of the cabinet was cleaned and repainted.  Reproduction H/K ship, Skull, Drop Target Decals, and slingshot plastics installed.

Topping off an already gorgeous restoration are a set of reproduction decals for the lockdown bar receiver and color-matched score and instruction cards.

Included but not shown are new chrome legs, levelers and bolts, and a fresh sheet of tempered playfield glass.

I've installed a set of Sintra cabinet protectors under the legs to cover some existing cabinet decal damage from the legs being over tightened in the past. I also dressed up the cabinet with a new single slot coin door to replace the rusty, dented door that came with the game. This door has a Happ Ultimech quarter mechanism installed in it, so it's ready for coin operation.

This game Includes the original manual and schematic set in a reproduction WMS envelope, cash box, backbox wing bolts and all locks. The cash box contains extra flipper rings and some spare bulbs.

The game currently has the Profanity software installed, which can be enabled or disabled through the adjustments menu. It also includes the latest CPU and Sound ROMS in the cash box, should you prefer those. I can install and configure either set for you, either on free play or coin operation.

No credit dot or errors. GI Connectors rebuilt as needed. Display is nice and bright, although the flash in the photos doesn't really show it.

This game is ready to be the focal point of your home game room, or ready to bring in the money on your route.

Flaws: 2 areas of playfield wear, 1 spot near CPU inserts, 1 spot where left ball drop is from the habitrail landing adjacent to the left slingshot. The entire playfield shows some scratches from a previous owner, I'm not sure how they managed to scratch the playfield, but they aren't deep (fingernail doesn't catch in them), but they wouldn't buff out, either. You can't see them through the playfield glass, but you can see some of them with the glass off. 

Although the game is currently 100% working, it is sold as-is, and once it leaves my place, it's yours! If problems occur in transport or shipping, I'll do my best to help, but I'm not liable.

Delivery is available to states bordering Indiana, and I can wrap and pallet for $50 (crate for $100), but pickup is always preferred so you can see what you're getting, play the game, and decide for yourself if it's what you're expecting.

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