1988 Williams Taxi - Sold September, 2002
"Get Ready For The Taxi Everyone's Going To Be Lining Up For!"
Production: 8,000
Game Serial Number: 553 161621 Unshopped Photo Page - Shopped Photo Page

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About Taxi:

Taxi is a very interesting pin. I've had thoughts about purchasing one for some time now, if the time and price were right. It's from an earlier time in pinball, before things like modes were popular. There are a few shots to make, 2 ramps from the playfield, 6 drop targets, 3 pop bumpers, and a neat skill shot bowl, just to name a few.

Your goal is to pick up "passengers" and deliver them to get their tip, then of course, you pick up another passenger, lather, rinse, repeat. There are a total of 5 passengers, Gorbie (Gorbachev), Marilyn (or Lola), Dracula, Santa Claus and Pinbot.

Williams made about 8000 Taxis. The first thousand or so had a passenger called "Marilyn" on the playfield and translite. The estate of Marilyn Monroe didn't like the use of her likeness without royalties, so Williams was sued. Marilyn's hair color was changed, and she became "Lola". My taxi has a Marilyn playfield, and a Lola translite. I figure due to the wear on the playfield, and the serial number, it's an original Marilyn. At some point in it's life, the translite must have been replaced. The translite "glass" has been replaced with Plexiglass, supporting my theory that the translite was damaged. It also has the mirror attached directly to the light board in the backbox. My first Lola translite has a clear spot in the translite for the mirror, while my 2nd Lola translite has the mirror permanently attached - it's been debated whether Marilyn taxis had the mirror attached to the translite or the light board. Since I don't have an original Marilyn translite, I can't tell for sure.

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