Service Bulletins for TFTC

This page serves as an archive of the Service Bulletins archived at Stern Pinball's Service Bulletin site.  These are only the bulletins that relate to TFTC.

To read these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe Systems for free.


Captive Ball / Flat Rail Update

11.12.1993 - During game play when the captive ball hits the stand up target rivet and simultaneously makes contact with the metal flat rail. A slam tilt credits and other switch matrix related problems may occur

Printer Interface Not Functioning

01.17.1994 - Printer interface is not functioning. Blank LED on CPU board is flashing indicating that the CPU is trying to transmit data.

PPB - L/R Relay Failure

12.16.1993 - Some PPB (Popcorn Popping Board) have an improper relay installed.

Solid State Flipper Board

04.08.1994 - Some flipper boards have an incorrectly valued resistor installed that causes the left flipper to be weak.


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