Rollergames Promo Items

I'm starting out with the hard to find stuff, I'll add the regular promo stuff later.


High Resolution Pics in the Photo Album

Pictured above are prototype speaker cutouts. 12 sets were made, most of which are rumored to have been destroyed. Compare to regular cutout pictured below:


The Rollergames T-Shirt


I'm unsure how many of these were made. I do know I had a difficult time finding one. The one I have is Large in size, and is carefully sealed and put away. It's not uncommon for this era of pins to have T-Shirts, Black Knight 2000 and Whirlwind had attract mode messages about how to order their T-Shirts, and I believe Police Force had a special hat.

The above items were all purchased through eBay, believe it or not! It took several years to find the T-Shirt and Proto Speaker Cutouts.

I am always looking to buy unique Rollergames items for my personal collection. If you have any items for sale for Rollergames, please contact me


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