1990 Williams Rollergames
"Let The Good Times Roll!"
Production: 5,000
Game Serial Number: 576 360482 Photo Gallery

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About Rollergames:

My favorite pinball machine ever. My wife and I played one at a local pizzaria when we were dating, and I had to have one.  The first Rollergames started a dangerous spiral into pinball collecting.

About Our Rollergames:

This is the 2nd Rollergames I've owned. This is a very early Diamondplated Game. Of the 5000 Rollergames machines, 100 or less were diamondplated. Not only is the playfield in this game diamondplated, I have a second spare diamondplated playfield to swap into the game after I have it touched up and clearcoated.

I'm attempting to retrofit the prototype feature of a 2nd bank of drop targets into this game. Originally, Rollergames was designed to have both a bank of 3 drop targets and a bank of 5 drop targets. The bank of 5 was later cut. I have the targets installed and wired, but unfortunately need prototype software to support the reset solenoid, and the 2 different sets of prototype software I have do not drive the solenoid correctly. I'm nearing the point of reinstalling the 5 stationary targets, as the drops not working are a real drag - since the targets don't reset, it creates a ball drap under a plastic once they are dropped down.

This game is also drilled in the backbox insert for 15 flashers! Anyone who knows pins knows 15 flashers in a backbox is a ton! There were 3 different backboard configurations in Rollergames, a plain backboard with GI only, a backboard drilled for 15 flashers with no flashers or harness installed, and the backboard with GI and flashers, all working. I plan to design a way to add the flashers back into the game as time progresses.

Although the cabinet of this game is beat, the playfield is diamondplated, and it plays quite well!


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