Prototype Drop Targets for Rollergames

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Rollergames originally featured a 5 bank of drop targets where the S K A T E targets are on the playfield (middle left side, to the right of outlane kickback). Why this didn't make it to production is unknown at this time, perhaps it was a cost-cutting measure, perhaps there were problems that were unavoidable without removing them, or maybe the reset circuitry was needed for another important game feature. I hope to ask Steve Ritchie someday why they were removed, but until I can ask him, I will never know.

I first became interested in this after I purchased my Rollergames, one evening I was thumbing through the owners manual, and noticed a 5 bank drop target assembly, and thought that it was weird that my game didn't have one, yet it's in the manual.

Through one of my connections, I have acquired 1 complete prototype 5 bank drop target assembly, and have also acquired a 2nd assembly for parts. The 2nd assembly looks like it's been used some, but the targets and decals are mint. Perhaps the seller put the decals on an existing 5 bank drop target set from another similar game. The only similar generation game I could find was Bad Cats, also System 11C.

If I can make everything work, rest assured I'll make the info available to everyone, as I think it's a neat mod that was likely removed before the game made it to production for cost cutting measures, and I think everyone's Rollergames could be a lot more fun with the modification.

Tech Goodies:

Entire Google Post of my initial questioning on about the 5 bank drop targets in Rollergames, dated March 4th 2002.

This Google Post from TheKorn mentions the Rollergames manual shows all 5 target switches in the switch matrix chart as part of a 5 target drop set.

Another post from TheKorn shows us that solenoid 5A is listed as not used on the solenoid table, and solenoid 6A is listed as the reset for the 3 bank W A R drop targets... very interesting as well

Wolffy remembers playing a Rollergames with 5 drop targets in College, as mentioned in the linked thread.


What I need to figure out now:

Whether solenoid 5A is pulsed during gameplay ever - I assume it will be if you trigger all 5 of the S K A T E targets. If not, I need to find some prototype software.

What I need to acquire

Possibly prototype Rollergames software images. I've got a ROM burner and can burn the ROMS myself. If someone has the chips, I'd be willing to compensate you for either the temporary loan of the chips, or the expense of extracting the images from the chips if you don't feel like sending them to me. Just let me know. I will share the images with the pinball community.

Gee, these might look nice on a Factory DiamondPlated Rollergames playfield, wouldn't you think?


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