RollerGames NOS Playfield Swap


When I bought my Rollergames, the playfield was badly worn. I wanted a Rollergames very bad, and had very little money to spend. The solution: buy the cheapest one I could find, so long as it was complete and playable.

Well, mine was complete, for the most part, and playable, for the most part. It came from somewhere in Europe. I'm guessing Greece, as it was set up for 500 Lira/play. The machine was missing playfield glass, but everything else was in there, granted the condition wasn't anything to write home about. I expected that, since I was spending so little money.

So, I started to look for a NOS playfield after I got the machine mechanically solid. The wear on my Rollergames was substantial. It looked like it'd just had a really crappy re-touching job. I tried to strip the mylar to shop it out, and all the graphics came up. This is the lower playfield where the majority of the graphics came up.

Glad I found the NOS playfield. Otherwise, I'd be playing on this playfield. The NOS playfield sits in a crate right now, as I've got so many projects going on. I plan on having it clearcoated before I install it. That way, it'll never wear. Many people will say it looks un-original. There aren't very many Rollergames Playfields out there (I've seen 2 including this one) and I don't want to have to try and find another.

I've also got another Rollergames playfield I purchased out of a burned machine. It was complete with plastics etc, but I couldn't get the majority of the smoke damage off the playfield.

I'm also looking for a prototype Rollergames. It would have a few things, including drop targets for the SKATE targets (instead of stand up targets) and Diamond Plate. If you see one, let me know.

I'm going to start on the swap sometime soon. First, I've got to strip the top of the playfield and lower all the stand up targets etc through. Then, I've got to take it to Bill Davis in IL. I think it'll be easier on me in the long run to do it that way instead of stripping everything from the playfield, and then sending only the Playfield. Rockford, IL isn't too far from me anyways.

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