Diamond Plated Rollergames Playfield

Williams started testing a new playfield coating called Diamond Plate during the later system 11 games. It's unclear exactly how many Rollergames pins were Diamond Plated from the factory, but most figures I see are around 100 or less.

What exactly *is* Diamondplate? Well, it's not that silver metal stuff ole uncle Mullet has on his Jeep, or the mudflaps or toolbox on his truck in this case. Diamondplate is a playfield coating that has properties very similar to automotive clearcoat. It wears much better than the tradional lacquer playfield coating, so games should last longer, play faster, and be easier to clean. Some even say Diamondplate killed the pinball industry, as games that were designed to last 5 years or less lasted much longer. Sound hokey? Well, the next time you play pinball in an arcade, look at what you're playing!

Many times people searching for Rollergames pins want Diamond Plated examples, but they don't seem to be very easy to find. Most of them likely went overseas, as they would have more than likely been used on the first runs of the pin, but in a recent bulk deal, I was able to pick a well-used example of a diamond plated Rollergames Playfield up from a fellow collector, who got it from an op. All the games I picked up were domestic games, so I must postulate that this playfield was from an original US Market game.

Here is a neat flyer Williams put out to advertise Diamond Plate when Rollergames was first released.

Full Playfield View

Close-Up of Chip in Diamond Plate

Wear Near Magnet Post

Diamond Plate Logo

So, John, you say, what do you plan on doing with this playfield? Well, I'm gonna keep that under my hat, but let's say you might see it installed in a completely restored Rollergames someday, with a prototype bank of 5 drop targets in place of the SKATE targets

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