1990 Bally Radical
"It's Rockin', It's Rollin', it's RADICAL!"
Production: 1,315
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About Radical!:

Radical! is a title that's not well known. It's actually a very fun, entertaining game. It does date itself a bit to the late 80's/early 90's, but that's part of its charm. The speech tracks for the game include words like "Cowabunga", "Gnarly", "Bitchin!", "Radical!" and several other appropriate others from its era.

The game features 4 flippers, 2 ball multiball, 2 spinners, a kickback, 6 drop targets, 3 ramps, 4 pop bumpers, 3 kickers, and a special Skateboard Divertor.

The game has excellent flow. Although this game is in need of a thorough shop job, it plays quite well as-is, and has impressive flow. I can only imagine how it will play once I restore it.


About Our Radical:

This particular Radical! was purchased in Germany and reimported to the USA. It was chosen for the fact that it was in very good contion, having a Diamondplated playfield, which is a somewhat rare feature for this machine, few broken plastics, and a very nice cabinet. Having looked at a dozen or more Radical! machines, this was the best I could find available for sale.

Instead of the typical "container" reimportation method, this single machine was sent via Lufthansa.

It was quite the experience, watching the machine leave MUC (Munich) and land at ORD (O'Hare), then following it get trucked to Indianapolis. Once it arrived, I had to clear the game with US Customs in Indianapolis. The whole experience was relatively painless.

Once it arrived, I proceeded to convert the machine. This required replacing the plug on the power cord with a US styled plug, rejumpering the transformer inside the game, replacing the MOV with a 120 volt model, and installing LA1 software. It came with LG1, which is the same as LA1, only in German. It will still require English score and pricing cards and a convenience outlet installation when I restore it, as well as reworking the coin door with US artwork and mechanisms.

Hopefully, I'll have some better pics in a few days.

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