Parts/Info Links for No Fear

These suppliers are those I've found for SPECIFIC No Fear parts. Visit the links page for general parts (ie bulbs, balls, cleaners etc)

Note many parts for No Fear are available through Illinois Pin Ball and your local Distributor.


Rubber Rings:

You can find a list of all rubber rings in No Fear here. I recommend buying a complete set from the usual suspects, but if you desire single rings, or have some other reason, click the link.

Long Flipper and Bushing:

Many of the usual suspects have the longer upper flipper and bushing reasonably. Don't pay eBay prices yet!


Marco Specialties stocks a number of the decals, but not all of the ramp decals.

Plastic Mountain:

Available from IPB distributors for under $30.00.


Everyone should own a legitimate, printed copy of their games manual. The games all came with a manual, and I think it's BS when you buy a game and it doesn't have a manual. Having said this, there are electronic sources for manuals, preferably to be used only while you wait on your printed manual to come from the usual suspects. Give them the business when you need a manual, it's only because of them that a lot of pinball parts are still available.

To read the electronic "manuals", you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it by clicking on the icon below:

The best sources for PDF manuals include:

Mike Purcell's Manual FTP Site

The Internet Pinball Database

Stormaster Manual Download


Pinball Resource had some NOS plastics sets, it's worth a try. Marco Specialties has some individuals too. Find their numbers on the usual suspects page. Note almost all NOS plastics sets were defective from WMS, they either have 2 left slings or 2 right slings - I've got 2 lefties, if you have 2 rights, let's trade one ;)

You should always try to buy original plastics, either NOS or good used.When you can't find them, you need to make your own.

I recommend getting scans from, and creating reproduction plastics using Roc Agrawal's method. While you're there, get some of his plastic fender washers to protect those valuable plastics.

Anything Else:

Check the Mr Pinball Parts For Sale Database, and if no luck, make a post to the Mr. Pinball Parts Wanted List and the newsgroup. If you've got deep pockets, check out eBay.


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