1995 Williams No Fear: Dangerous Sports
"3rd Ball, down by a BILLION, Extra Ball is lit--NO FEAR"
Production: 4500
Game Serial Number: 50725100481 Photo Page

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About No Fear:

I've wanted a No Fear: Dangerous Sports for some time now. It's a fun, fast great Steve Ritchie pin. It's unfortunately Steve's final pin for Williams. It was recently announced, however, that Steve is designing a pin for Stern Pinball.

The game is ultra fast, and it has no pop bumpers. It is unusual for any pinball to not have pop bumpers! The game does have 2 ramps, one of which leads to an upper flipper, and uses magnets to lift the ball to the upper flipper if your shot isn't strong enough. The other flipper leads to the right hand habitrail. The playfield has 2 "loops", one of which goes around the outer loop, the other goes around BoneHead, a talking Skull in the middle of the playfield who tells you what shots to make.

The game also has a single drop target in the sky dive lane, which leads to an under playfield ramp. If the ball goes to the underplayfield ramp, it may lock for Multiball, or eject through a scoop located behind a mountain on the right side of the playfield. A shot under Bonehead goes into a scoop that feeds the same under playfield ramp. You also shoot Bonehead for jackpot.

I've often been asked whether No Fear demands a high price because it's a great pin, or because it's a great designer's last pin? I say it is both. The limited production run of 1500 has a lot to do with the price. My machine was a reimport from France, and although the cabinet is faded, the playfield is very clean underneath a coat of dirt. This will make the playfield gleam once I strip and polish the playfield, then apply a few coats of wax. I also have a couple burnt GI connectors that will need some work when I start shopping the pin.

Overall, it needs some work, but it'll suit me just fine.

My shopping supplies are on order, I plan on starting very soon. I was able to locate some NOS parts including coin door, apron and mountain plastic. I'm pondering the purchase of a NOS ramp, I think I can repair the one I have, but it'll always look like hell. Anyone want the imported French lock bar over the coin door? How about the french coin door with electronic mech calibrated for francs?


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