1987 Williams High Speed
"Everything else is left behind!"
Production: 17,080
Game Serial Number: 541 88366       High Speed Restoration Information
Parts Machine Serial Number: 541 84547 High Speed Photo Page

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About High Speed:

High Speed was an immensely popular game for Williams. It broke all sales records. People just loved to play the game. A classic run from the cops theme enabled this game to sell like hotcakes.

The theme of High Speed is classic - run from the cops. Who doesn't like to drive fast? Who wouldn't love to run from the cops if there were no real repercussions from doing so? Run the red light.. and Getaway!


The story of my High Speed:

I stumbled upon a good deal for my High Speed. I needed a second pin to keep my interest during the restoration of a Williams Rollergames. I found an eBay seller who had repeatedly listed a High Speed with a number of buyers backing out. He was frustrated and needed to move the pin soon. This enabled me to get a pretty decent deal on a High Speed, and got him back his living space. A perfect compromise for both of us. 

When I picked up the pin, the flippers were weak, the rubbers needed replacement, the cabinet was delaminated and tons of paint was missing, the playfield was badly worn, as was the backglass. The beacon motor didn't turn, and the beacon bulb was burned out, along with many other bulbs. The coin door was rusted, and kicked partially in.

The game turned out to be a ton of fun! I decided that I'd like to add a nice High Speed to my collection, so I bought a parts machine to merge with my machine, in the attempt to build 1 nice High Speed. When finished, I figure I'll share the rest of the parts as well as the knowledge I picked up with the pinball "community" to save more High Speeds from being parted out.

The steps for the High Speed restoration are simple, yet time consuming.

  1. Inventory what I have, determine what parts are needed to complete the restoration - Completed
  2. Determine what to do with cabinet, retouch or repaint, then execute plan. Results of retouch not positive, stenciling for repaint to commence soon.
  3. Determine what to do with playfield, retouch and clear coat, overlay, or wait indefinitely for NOS replacement. NOS replacement located. question answered.
  4. Re-assemble High Speed pin, test, play, keep in gameroom forever

I still need some bits and pieces. I'd like to buy a NOS backglass, or really good used piece.

Click here for information on the restoration process.


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