Restoring a 1987 Williams High Speed

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I am in progress of building a document detailing the restoration of my 1987 Williams High Speed. The restoration is in progress, and is not complete yet. Much work is left to be done. I'm in the parts gathering stage.

Currently, I have a solid cabinet that I am stenciling for a complete re-paint. I attempted retouching the cabinet, but the investment of time was nearing that of a total re-paint, so the decision was not hard.  I located a NOS Playfield and plastics set after much searching.

I am still searching for a beacon motor and NOS backglass. I'd take a very nice backglass, but with all the work going in this game, I'd prefer NOS to round out the package.

Milestone #1 - finish cabinet repairs, beef up cabinet joints to prevent seperation etc. Repaint cabinet. Refinish Coin Door. Acquire and install new chrome legs. Acquire and install new tempered playfield glass.

Milestone #2 - Get NOS playfield clearcoated, start transferring guts from worn PF to NOS PF.

Milestone #3 - Move boards and beacon from existing High Speed to new backbox, move boards. Upgrade to newest ROMs. Acquire a NOS or used backglass.

Will it take another 6 months, or 6 years? I don't know, but it's being done right, and I'm not in a huge hurry.


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