1994 Data East Guns N Roses - Traded December 2001
"This Pinballs got ATTITUDE"
Production: 3000
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About Guns N Roses:

Guns N Roses is a Wide Body Data East pinball machine. It had a relatively low production run of 3000, and was designed by Slash of Guns N Roses himself.

The Story of My Guns N Roses:

I purchased this game at auction, really enjoyed the game play and purchased it. After owning the GnR for awhile, I grew tired of it and traded it to Scott Ruttencutter for my Getaway. Scott sold the pin shortly thereafter.

I completely shopped this pin out in late November/Early December of 2001. I'd imagine I spent around 45-60 hours in the shop job. During the shop job, I stripped the game to the bare playfield, polished the playfield, polished all plastics and ramps, replaced a ton of lamps, installed a new rubber kit from PBR, installed NOS drop targets and piano key labels, and cleaned and vacuumed the cabinet. I also installed new Plasti Glide leg levelers from Matt Osborn, which are great! They won't scratch your floor at all.

The pin gave me a new found respect for Data East pinball machines. Although they are not as highly viewed to many as Williams/Bally, their wiring job was ten times cleaner than any Williams machine I've worked on.

I do have high resolution scans of the complete NOS decal set and some plastics. Let me know if you need any of the scans. They're fairly large, so I'd probably need to mail a CDR to you.


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