1990 Williams Funhouse Sample Machine
"The Game Is Watching You"
Production: 10,750
Game Serial Number: 50003 570088 Photo Gallery

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About Funhouse:

Funhouse was the first game to be entirely produced with the WPC Board Set. Although Dr. Dude was the first game to experiement with the WPC Board Set, only 100 Dr. Dude's were made with the WPC Board Set.

Funhouse was the first pinball machine to use Pin-Mation, which is the use of a motorized, mechanical mannequin head. Rudy, the mannequin in Funhouse, actually taunts you as you play, and follows the ball around the playfield with his eyes. Rudy lives in the amusement park. One of the goals is to advance the clock to midnight, so Rudy falls asleep. Once Rudy falls asleep, you can shoot the ball into his mouth, and start multiball.

There'a  lot more to the game than just that. Funhouse is a classic! 

About Our Funhouse:

Up until Pinball Expo 2004, I could've cared less about Funhouse. For one, my wife thinks Rudy is creepy. Also, these games are usually priced well out of the range I'm willing to pay for a game. However, after playing a prototype Funhouse at Pinball Expo, I knew the game was on my list of "must haves". So much so, when the opportunity came up to trade my prototype Bram Stokers Dracula for this Funhouse, I jumped on it! The game needs a full restoration, but it's a worthy candidate.

This particular Funhouse is an interesting one to say the least. It's a US Domestic sample machine. It's also one of the first 100 games produced. This means a few things in particular, but typically the sample machines had Diamond Plated playfields, a System 11 soundboard with a special interface board to interface it into the WPC system, vinyl cabinet decals with the artwork screened onto them instead of the cabinet, wider, system 11 styled siderails that extend below the flipper buttons on the cabinet, and a protruding start button instead of one recessed into the front panel of the cabinet. The games also have a volume control pot like a sys 11 game, even though the WPC era volume buttons are in the coin door. The game also has a slightly different transformer to provide the voltages necessary for the System 11 sound board.

However, this machine is not a typical sample game for one factor: the playfield is not Diamond Plated. It is coated with something similar, L.S. Top Coat. I've only seen 1 other game with this playfield coating. The playfield has held up pretty well over the years. 

The only downside I have found to the sample Funhouses is not being able to run the latest code on the game. Although I've been told you can run some production revisions of software, if you want to run L-9, you won't have any sound in your game.

Click here for some issues with my Funhouse, and resolutions!

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