Rubber Ring List for Fish Tales

Many people look online for ring sizes for pinball machines. I thought I'd put a list of sizes needed to re-rubber your pinball machine here.

Quantity Size Williams P/N
4 5/16" Rubber Ring 23-6300
2 3/4" Rubber Ring 23-6301
3 1" Rubber Ring 23-6302
4 2-1/2" Rubber Ring 23-6306
1 3" Rubber Ring 23-6307
5 Rubber Bumper 23-6535
1 7/16" Rubber Ring 23-6599
7 White Rubber Ring 23-6641-1
2 Flipper Rubber Ring 23-6519-4
Verified from Marco Specialties Ring Kit 4/15/2003 - $13.95

Keep in mind there could be an error or two here, please e-mail me if you find any. You can make life easier on yourself and buy a Ring Kit. Ring Kits can be purchased from all the normal suspects, but I prefer the rings from Pinball Resource


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