F-14 Tomcat Restoration Progress

This page will contain information on the recent progress of my F-14 Tomcat Restoration.

Cabinet Clean Up

My F-14 Tomcat had its playfield glass smashed at some time. Anyone who has ever cleaned up a broken playfield glass   knows that it's not the most pleasant thing in the world to clean up. Pins come equipped with Tempered Glass, which doesn't break into big, sharp pieces. It breaks up into little "blocks" instead. Unfortunately, the little blocks are not the easiest thing in the world to clean up. I'm going to repaint the cabinet at some point, but may acquire a junker cab to repaint instead of repainting my existing cabinet.

Wiring Repair

It's no wonder the existing CPU board was fried. Someone decided to do a shop job on the pin at one time rather half assed. Many coils had power wires snipped, then twisted back together. Some of the wires were wrapped in electrical tape, but many were not. This allowed them to short out. I eventually decided to just find a trashed playfield with a unhacked harness, as it would be the same amount of work.

NOS Playfield Swap

After stripping this pin down to its playfield, it became rather evident it would not be a simple matter of removing the mylar from the playfield and putting the pin back together. A few insert decals lifted. Most inserts were not level with the playfield, and there was excessive wear in the non-mylared area. I have some photos of the NOS playfield and plastics, the playfield has been clearcoated by Bill Davis.

Flipper Retrofit - System 11 to WPC Conversion - Coming Soon!

This is something that is commonly done on a System 11 game. The older system 11 link/crank/return springs  were NLA for awhile, but the parts were reproduced. Even though, I  personally prefer the newer style and it's a worthwhile project. It's also nice to only have to stock the WPC style pieces as spares.

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