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My Creature has a very common ailment: the snack bar hole is worn out much larger than normal. Years of play have caused this normally square hole to become oval-shaped. Although this makes the shot easier to get, the playfield will continue to wear in this area.



So, what to do? Install a custom playfield protector, which will accomplish 2 things: First, it will prevent future wear by covering the hole with a stainless steel "guard", and second, it will hide the ugly wear.

So, I sent Cliffy an e-mail. Just about everyone in the pinball world knows who Cliffy is, he manufactures protectors for pinball machine holes such as the one in Creature From The Black Lagoon. Find Cliffy's website here

So, Cliffy whipped up a custom protector for me, and I installed it

Whoops, not quite large enough! Cliffy was happy to oblige with a larger custom protector, as shown here

Looks much better, and I imagine it will be a little harder to make the snack bar shot... now to finish putting the game back together!

Note: Cliffy is not the only guy in the protector business. Kerry Stair from Mantis Amusements offers a protector as well, but his are better suited for NOS or unworn playfields. His wouldn't work for me due to the amount of wear, but I will be purchasing one of his protectors if I ever do a NOS playfield swap or repair my playfield in this area.

You can also buy a Snack Bar hole overlay here. This is useful if you plan on doing reconstructive surgery on your snackbar hole, and want to have a decal to cover the wear. See a pic of it installed here on Jeremy's site.

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