1992 Bally Creature From The Black Lagoon
"Claws For Applause"
Production: 7800
Game Serial Number: Photo Album

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About CFTBL:

Creature is a great game! I first played this game on my honeymoon in November of 2002. Finding a CFTBL at a semi-local arcade made me decide I just had to have one! The game is really fun, the music is great, it's really a nostalgic game. I'd love to have a Diner sitting right next to it.. maybe someday.

My CFTBL is a re-imported game. The hologram is nice and green, the snack bar scoop has an above average amount of wear, but has been fixed up nicely with a custom protector. The cabinet is decent, will be good with some touch up, the boards are unhacked with no acid damage or burnt GI connectors. They even have matching serial #'s!

Of course, the game is really dirty, but that's OK, it'll clean up nicely.  I've picked up a set of Phoenix Arcade Cabinet Decals, and will be restoring the game using them, and will have the current playfield touched up and clearcoated.

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